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Sep. 27 - Oct. 03 | Spitzmühle, Berlin


The pussy is 2x as sensitive as any man's best piece.

Is yours missing out on her full capacity for pleasure?

We bet it is. We bet it’s missing out on pleasure in the bedroom, in the shower, and every place you can experience sexual delight.

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Two possible reasons you’re losing out on turn-on every day:

You don’t know how to touch yourself with love. Years of neglect have made your body numb, and you cannot orgasm from penetration alone. (Only 18% of women can! But rest assured, there’s an easy way to do this -- we’ll get there).


You’re trying to figure it all out on your own, without the guidance of wise sisters. Maybe you feel insecure around powerful women, so you’re scared to reach out for help. We feel you -- it’s SO vulnerable.


✹ You carry decades of body shame. After years of being told that your shape is not good enough the way it is, you have internalized these toxic messages, making your body into the enemy. 

✹ Your self-pleasuring is goal- and performance-oriented, or worse, you don’t self-pleasure at all. Instead of lovingly touching yourself, you’re rubbing your clit to climax quickly as a way to release stress and tension from your body.

✹ You’re working through your period even though you’re feeling heavy or in pain. You have no idea how to navigate your moon cycle to harness its mystery and power.

✹ You have an intuition that there’s more to your orgasmic potential. Everyone is talking about Tantra… But can somebody please tell you what this actually means? You’ve seen some Tantra school’s websites, but it looks more like porn than sacred sexuality.

✹ You carry deep sisterhood wounds, which make it hard for you to trust other women. You almost expect them to hurt and betray you sooner or later, which then becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.


You’re confused by mixed messages. You’ve heard that “vibrators make your pussy numb. You should use a rose quartz wand instead.” But how do you actually orgasm without any “force” or hard stimulation?​

Let's end this confusion right now.

ALL your burning questions are going to be answered. In a safe space, by real women who walk their talk.


Hiii, we’re Eleanor and Sunny.

We’re here to empower YOU with expert knowledge and the right tools (Sorry, no vibrators!), so you can have all the joy and pleasure you deserve.


Our 25 years of combined experience spans the fields of De-Armouring, bodywork, breathwork, Yin Yoga & Tantra Yoga, Qi Gong, Sound Healing, Consent work, Taoist Teaching, and Somatic Trauma Therapy, to name but a few. 

As women, we know first-hand just how difficult female pleasure can be:


I, Eleanor, didn’t start making self-love until I was 23 years old. I had no idea where to begin! But then I fell in love with a man who could play a woman’s body like a violin; he taught me how to touch myself with love. Half a  year later, I experienced my first-ever orgasm. 

And I, Sunny, went 20 years without orgasming. I deeply believed that my body was broken and only focused on pleasuring my partners. Until I decided to put myself first and I booked a professional tantra massage. Within one hour, I laughed and cried because I had my first orgasm in decades. 


We both struggled with our sexuality, and we both made the conscious decision to prioritize our pleasure. When we did, our lives radically changed for the better.


Now it's time to prioritize YOUR pleasure.

The truth is, you can no longer afford to put your pussy-wellness on the backburner. 

It affects every area of your life -- from how hard you’re working to how fulfilling your intimate relationships are.


It all starts with you. 


Pleasure is the source of your success and your sparkle. 


And you know what happens when you finally know how to touch your body with love?

You carry yourself like a queen because you recognize your perfect beauty.

No more comparing yourself to other women or playing small. You feel your own worthiness from within and it makes you hold yourself with confidence and pride. 

Your whole life expands while you stress less.

No more feeling guilty for not hustling all the time. You flow with the wisdom of nature’s cycles, resting when you need to and taking inspired action when you feel called from within.

You have soul-shaking sex--both solo and with a partner.

You know what turns you on, and you’re comfortable expressing your likes and dislikes. No more overriding your boundaries to please. You own your sexual power and savor your sensuality. 

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Imagine a week away from home, surrounded by nature and 19 other women… where you’ll receive the imprints you need to kick-start your journey to deeper sexual and sensual fulfillment. 
Welcome to...


Sunny & Eleanor's


A week-long live retreat and juicy celebration of female pleasure with a nourishing structure for connecting your body’s wisdom to your everyday life experience.

27.9. - 3.10.2021
Spitzmühle Retreat Center

(only 45 min. from Berlin by car)

 Give your body the nourishing attention she deserves.

Secure your spot now for 300 EUR*

Only 20 spots available, and they're filling up fast. 

Grab yours now before they all disappear!

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This week has been a great experience.

Sunny and Eleanor created a safe and sacred space where I felt held and seen. I was reminded that I’m able to nourish myself. Learning how to be my own best lover was the most important thing for me!

Susanne, 52, Yoga Teacher, Germany

Laughing Friends

What You'll Learn

Discover the secret Yoni Egg practices Chinese empresses have used for centuries to strengthen your libido and cleanse your vagina from the energies of past lovers. 

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Release toxic shame. This is SO vital. As long as you’re carrying hidden shame, your nervous system cannot expand into its full capacity for pleasure. Replace self-sabotaging patterns with new ones that serve your health and happiness. 

Open up your kundalini to lift the roof of your pleasure and circulate sexual energy. This allows you to have multiple, full-body orgasms that leave you rejuvenated and in love for days. The best part? You don’t even need a partner to do this!

Tap into the creative power of your moon cycle. When you’re following the seasons of nature (your body is nature!), life becomes more effortless and flowing. Plus, you appreciate your female cycle as a blessing instead of a curse. 

Shed old trauma, pain, and numbness from your body. When the real YOU finally emerges from behind protective shields, you’ll be able to connect more intimately with yourself and others. 

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Feel and embody your bullet-proof boundaries, so you’ll never again say “yes” when you actually mean “no”. (Wave goodbye to resentment for good!)

Self-pleasure in a new way. Learn what it takes to truly listen to your body and give your delicious breasts and pussy everything they need. Becoming your own best lover is the most empowering thing you can do for yourself.

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These two women did an amazing job.

Sunny and Eleanor created a safe space for us to explore, try new things, let our emotions flow, and be inspired by each other. My biggest takeaway is that I've redefined what femininity actually means to me. I realized that society has certain ideas of how a woman should be like. In this training, I found my own authentic truth. 

Leonie, 37, True-Purpose Coach, Germany


Everything You'll Get

✹ SEVEN days of female pleasure. Every day is packed with juicy practices, inspiring lectures, and much more. There’s no such thing as passive learning with this retreat. We’re going to explore! By the end of the week, you’ll have a simple, clear, actionable plan to keep your pussy (and yourself) happy and radiant. 

✹ Ancient feminine practices that spark joy. Think Ayurvedic body scrubs, saunas with essential oils, delicious breast massage, fire ceremonies, dance, breathwork, Pussy Spoiling, Self-De-Armouring, Sound Healing, Yoga, and much more! Yum!


✹ A secluded retreat space with a natural lake and magic garden surrounded by lush forests. Plus, it’s close to Berlin (the retreat center is called Spitzmühle), so getting there is super easy. 


✹ A shared double room with forest or lake view. Pssst, you can even upgrade to a private room -- just ask! 


✹ An Ayurvedic chef that prepares three organic vegetarian (or vegan) meals per day (buffet-style) all through the week. Imagine not having to organize your household or cook… You’ll be spoiled with delicious foods that nourish your senses.  

✹ Access to our private Facebook group. An online group for maintaining community. You’ll have access to us even after you’ve returned home. Stay connected with other women on the path, ask questions, and start conversations. The key to this journey is having supportive sisters by your side.


Spitzmühle Retreat Center

Secure your spot now for 300 EUR*

Only 20 spots available, and they're filling up fast. 

Grab yours now before they all disappear!



Early Bird: 1.390 EUR until Aug. 28, 2021

*A non-refundable deposit of 300 EUR will secure your spot.

The full course price is 1.500 EUR. 

Secure your spot now for 300 EUR*

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Only 20 spots available, and they're filling up fast. 

Grab yours now before they all disappear!

Sunny helped me to lift the ceilings of pleasure that I allow myself in all areas of my life, helping me to push through fears, guilt, shame and feelings of lack of worth. She expertly guided me to the core of what was holding me back through her direct yet empathetic coaching style.

Abbey W., 30, Somatic Coach & Workshop Facilitator, London


Secure your spot now for 300 EUR*

Only 20 spots available, and they're filling up fast. 

Grab yours now before they all disappear!


Here's what happens after you hit that juicy button to secure your spot...

You’re taken to a checkout page where you secure your spot by paying a non-refundable deposit of 300 EUR. Begin your adventure with any major credit card. (Wanna chat with us before forking over any money? Click here to book a call!)


Right after you’ve paid, you’ll get a confirmation email with all of your welcome info (where to go, what to bring, times and dates, where to find our delicious online community, etc). 


Next up, you’ll fill out a quick questionnaire to help us optimally prepare for you by understanding where you’re at on your unique journey. 


If we (or you!) feel the need to chat before the retreat, we’ll schedule a 20-min Zoom call. This will help answer any outstanding questions and connect before the retreat.

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Secure your spot now for 300 EUR*

Only 20 spots available, and they're filling up fast. 

Grab yours now before they all disappear!

More about us...


I’m a De-Armouring expert and embodiment educator who helps people who are hungry for more transition from disconnect, numbness, and pain to greater intimacy, pleasure, and aliveness, so they can live the lives they desire. 


Through my 27+ years of experience in holistic health and working with hundreds of clients, I’ve learned that listening to the body is the missing key to a life of connection and joy. 


I’m passionate about supporting people to thrive because I know firsthand the struggle of not thriving in my body. After suffering from depression, burn-out, and chronic pain for over 20 years, it was trauma healing and de-armouring that finally turned things around. Now, I pass on this gift to others through retreats, trainings, and private sessions.


When I’m not teaching or giving sessions, you can find me exploring new healing modalities, cuddling with my girlfriends, or soaking up a delicious massage. Yap, I’m all for pleasure -- it fuels my feminine radiance.

Sunny Ju

As a Dating Coach and facilitator of Yoni Yoga, I help clients overcome their challenges with intimacy, so they can have fulfilling relationships full of trust and joy, both with their own bodies and other people.


I’m passionate about supporting women like you because I know firsthand the struggle of not having satisfying relationships. I’d been single for most of my 30s. I was this yogic woman who thought that she already had a healthy relationship with herself -- and that was enough. So I meditated and meditated… connecting like mad with my Higher Self. 

But then I noticed that I didn’t connect with the heart. 


I knew something had to change. And so I immersed myself in exploring what authentic intimacy really means. Over my ten years in teaching Yoga, facilitating women’s workshops, and creating Sensual Speed Dating Events, I’ve been responsible for nearly 2.000 clients boosting their juiciness and ability to connect. 


Now, I help women like YOU do all of that and more with our program FEMALE XPLORATION. When I’m not teaching Yoni Yoga or coaching singles, you can find me sailing, reading, or dancing Lindy Hop and Ecstatic Dance.


Eleanor's calm, sensual voice and her intuitive flow of teaching these practices made me dive deep into my own essence. I admire the richness of her method that she shares so openly with the group.

Zora, 31, Teacher, Switzerland


Secure your spot now for 300 EUR*

Only 20 spots available, and they're filling up fast. 

Grab yours now before they all disappear!


Sister, this might be the ONLY time
we’re offering this retreat LIVE. 

Next year, we’re planning to re-launch this course as an online program… 


So if you’re overwhelmed by everything digital and long for real-life, authentic connections with women of all ages, come and join us! 


Because your pleasure matters. 


It’s no coincidence that your pussy has 8.000 nerve endings -- you’re wired for pleasure!


So stop pleasing others and start putting yourself first. 


Once you do, your whole life will change. 


Are you ready for this?



I want to talk to you before I commit. Where do I book a call? 

Sunny will be there for you! Just send a message to info@sunnyju.com.


Do you offer payment plans? 

Yes, we do. Please send us an email to info@sunnyju.com and we schedule a zoom call to create the right package for your budget!

Do you offer scholarships?

No. We offer scholarships for educational trainings only and this is a healing retreat, so unfortunately it is not possible. We have a limited number of discounted social tickets in exchange for a helpers role. If you would like to apply for one of these tickets, please send us an e-mail with your intention and previous experience. Looking forward to hearing from you!


What are your measures around COVID-19?

We have a vast experience with facilitating events during the pandemic. You’ll receive detailed information about the actual measures after signing up, about 2 weeks before the retreat starts. Our customized hygiene concept and COVID protocol with different levels of escalation have been created in collaboration with the retreat center.

Will the retreat be held in English or German? 

The retreat will be held in English. We are happy to support you with occasional German translation if needed.

Can you accommodate my special dietary needs? 

Please fill in your dietary requirements in our registration form. We will forward this information to our Ayurvedic chef and get back to you if there are any questions.

Will there be nudity?

Nudity is optional and you will always have a choice if you want to have your clothes on or off.

Do I need to bring a Yoni Egg or massage oil? 

Yes, we do require all participants to bring their own massage cream and a Yoni Egg. In our Welcome Email, we give additional information with suggestions where to purchase a Yoni Egg if you don't already have one. You will find this information under the "What to Bring" list in the email you'll receive after securing your space.

What if I’m pregnant? 

Please get in touch with us! It depends on which week you are in and how your health and emotional state are. We’d love to share with you everything you need to know.


What if I’ll have my period? 

You are very welcome to join us while you have your period! We will have a Red Tent, where you can rest, whenever needed. Certain elements will be slightly adapted according to where you are in your cycle, for example the Yoni Egg practice. 


Is De-Armouring dangerous? 

No, De-Armouring is not dangerous if applied with our “Integrated Listening” approach. You will learn everything you need to know (i.e. about anatomy, the nervous system, trauma…) to be able to apply this healing method in a safe way.

We will be practicing self-De-Armouring in a participant guided process, which means you will always be able to choose the level of intensity from moment to moment. We are creating a safe container with love and care, and support is always available.


What if I’m uncomfortable in big groups? 

Our Female Xploration is limited to 20 beautiful women, which means that we will create a very intimate and safe container. Many of us feel uncomfortable in big groups, as we might have experienced harm in group settings. We are happy to support your integration and the feeling of safety in our small group of women. We cultivate sisterhood, where we all help each other. 


What are the different options for accommodation?

Shared double room accommodation is included in the retreat fee. You can upgrade to a single room, with an additional fee of 20€/night. We can offer more information about it after you secure your space by paying the deposit.


I’m a man who identifies as a woman. Can I still join? 

If you are the proud owner a Vagina, Yoni, Vulva (...) you are very welcome. Otherwise: Sorry, NO!

Secure your spot now for 300 EUR*

Only 20 spots available, and they're filling up fast. 

Grab yours now before they all disappear!



 All cancellations must be submitted in writing to info@sunnyju.com.

✹ If you cancel before August 29th, 2021 your payment will be refunded minus the deposit.
If you cancel at any time from August 30th, 2021 on, or if you withdraw from the event after the start of the first day, no part of the payment will be refunded.

If WE cancel the event (due to COVID/restrictions in Germany/it’s not possible) we will give you a full refund minus an admin fee of €50 OR you can transfer your payment to another event.

If YOU cannot attend because you contract COVID-19 (doctor’s note and test result required) we will give you a full refund minus an admin fee of €50 OR you can transfer your payment to a future event.

If YOU cannot attend because of the restrictions in your home country/your flight is cancelled/you are unable to travel (written proof is needed) we will give you a refund minus the non-refundable deposit OR you can transfer your payment to a future event.

If it is possible to attend but YOU decide not to attend for your own reasons, then the usual Cancellation Policy (above) applies


Got questions? We’ve got answers! 
Schedule a FREE 20-min call with us and ask away. 

Get in touch with us!

Or send an email to info@sunnyju.com 

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